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The SnailTank is an alternative to the Billet Box Boro Tank rev4. It consists of two main parts, a tank section and an adapter (base), plus some custom silicon gaskets. The tank is cross compatible with the VapeSnail tank, while the adapter (base) essentially takes the place of the VapeSnail deck to create a hosting base for the Boro bridges. The Tank section and adapter together create a form with an outer shape which is almost identical with the classic Boro tank.

The SnailTank can be refilled through a large refill hole placed at the front upper side. It allows access to the RBA deck even when almost full with juice, any time, in the case of VapeShell and all bridges with a similar collaboration between chimney and deck (non-threaded, not extra tight via o-ring intervention between the two parts). Last but not least, it features a Chimney Gasket, which is added on the top side of the tank section to adjust the hole to the diameter of Boro standard bridge chimneys and offer some extra advantages. Among other things, it seals with the AIO 510 nut, even if you remove the sealing o-ring that most nuts or hybrid drip tips have. This eliminates the usual pain when the chimney of the bridge is automatically lifted up while unscrewing the nut/hybrid drip tip, and the bad sealing that most hybrid drip tips present, either because of normal tear and wear, or due to bad choice of o-rings. It is advised to remove the hybrid drip tip o-ring or the 510 nut o-ring to enjoy the best from the SnailTank.

Due to its design, the SnailTank is compatible with most bridges, RBA's and condensation plugs that are designed for the Boro tank (The Velvet Vape Boropad works perfect), also fitting inside the overwhelming majority of Boro compatible AIO's. We have tried to achieve cross-compatibility of the tank section with the VapeSnail. This together with its pyramid-like shape, made the tank a bit less spacey. For this reason, very large RBA's (indicatively Haku Xeta, SVT Crossbow, Hellfire Exocet v2) are expected to fit with zero tolerance inside the SnailTank. This won’t affect functionality but might leave a friction mark on the inner walls of the tank after insertion & removal of these large RBA's.

The SnailTank is made of a medical grade co-polymer plastic called PCTG. It’s the same plastic that is used for baby bottles and medical appliances. It is BPA free and 100% resistant against cracker liquids like citrus and menthol.

Colour:Amber Ultem
SnailTank Clear by Atmizoo
SnailTank Sale price£27.99

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Brian Reid
Atmizoo snail tank

Good tank to use when paired up with mxv euc bridge