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About Us

Ohmz provides a wide range of vape products sourced globally for beginners and experienced vapers alike. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and reputable company providing a high level of service to our industry.

Based in the United Kingdom, Ohmz was formed from our parent company Ohmz Distro, which has provided high quality vape products to shops and online stores globally since 2014.

Although we hold a large quantity of our products there may be occasions when we do not have stock or enough stock to complete your order due to delays that our beyond our control. If you order any products that we find are not in stock, we will notify you with an estimated time of arrival or to offer you an alternative product or a refund.

You will be notified via email with information when your order has been packed and ready to ship. We always try and ship your order as soon as possible after payment but we are not responsible for any shipping delays so please don't leave your order until last minute.

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