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Jinx Tip (810)

Sale price£9.99

A slim profile wide bore tip with no o-rings designed to fit 810 Kennedy's, Kryten, Ammit Dual Coil, Pulse, Dead Rabbit and many other RDA's with integral o-rings.

Made in the USA from hand poured acrylic. Includes shredded money, gold and silver leaf, colour changer and glow in the dark colours. Colour changer turns: black - clear, green - lime, orange - clear, purple - pink, red - clear, yellow - clear.

If the RDA is not listed we do not know if it will fit. Clones are NEVER a guarantee. Note: Each tip is a different cut of material and so each tip will look slightly different.

Colour:Dat Money Doe
Jinx by Double Helix Designs
Jinx Tip (810) Sale price£9.99