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Chiquita Tip (510)

Sale price£11.99

Small and comfortable yet wide bore, perfect for both the high end mod collector and regular vapers wanting to customise their mod. It comes with a Black 510 base and fits all standard 510 size RDA's and Tanks.

Made in the USA from hand poured acrylic. Includes shredded money, gold and silver leaf, colour changer and glow in the dark colours. Colour changer turns: black - clear, green - lime, orange - clear, purple - pink, red - clear, yellow - clear.

Note: These tips are VERY SMALL. Each tip is a different cut of material and so each tip will look slightly different.
Colour:Abalone Shell
Chiquita Tip by Double Helix Designs
Chiquita Tip (510) Sale price£11.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marc Tomkins
Good tips for billet box

Perfect for Cthulhu and mantis BB, bright colours for the matchy matchy.

Zahir Khan
Cool little drip tip

Love the one I chose and the colour is unicorn poop plus it glows in the dark. Novelty I know but customisation is part of the billet box journey and wanted to try whimsical "

Machining is perfect aand tolerances are spot on with a nice, snug fit.

Simon Davies
Chiquita Tip Purple Colour Changer

Beautifully made drip tip. Looks lovely on my Abyss.

Simon Watson
Chiquita Tip (510)

Beautiful 510 drip tip.